Full-bodied & Firm

If you’re an adventurous red-wine fan, try these! They’re captivating and powerful, with complex flavours of black fruit, spice and vanilla. Get ready for big wines with firm tannins. Robust wines like these are best paired with food.

Wine Tip
Big wines like these shine with intensely flavoured red meats like lamb. The rich protein helps to mellow the wine’s tannin.

Wine Characterisitcs
Plum, vanilla, cassis, clove, blackberry, cinnamon, blackcurrant, black pepper 

Food Pairings
Steak, roasted red meat 




Featured Full-bodied & Firm Reds

                 Italian Piedmont Barolo                                            Italian Amarone                                               Italian Montepulciano
                         Eclipse Series                                                  Cellar Craft Series                                     Selection International Series